Research Centers

​Research Centers

  • Cancer and Stem Cells
    The research in this program focuses on establishing new pharmaceutical targets, as well as understanding the mechanisms involved in cellular proliferation and apoptosis. Researchers from various backgrounds are also interested in novel therapeutic venues involving stem cells.
  • Cardiovascular, Renal, and Metabolic Diseases
    The focus in this research program is on organ/organelle structure and function, and the molecular and genetic basis of different cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic diseases.
  • Calcium Metabolism and Osteoporosis
    The studies in this research program investigate the cross-talk between bone and fuel metabolism, and is examined at the levels of circulating hormones, (and in future studies mRNA, and genes), by applying a multidisciplinary translational approach to two study population.
  • Center for Infectious Diseases Research (CIDR)
    The Center for Infectious Diseases Research promotes research in basic, translational, and clinical aspects of infectious diseases. The aim of the CIDR laboratory is to function as a national and regional reference laboratory with emphasis on the diagnosis of endemic and epidemic infectious diseases relevant to our region.
  • Genetics Research Program
    The genetics research program at AUBFM is diverse and involves a variety of genetic, epigenetic and proteomic evaluations. A number of methodologies are used and range from low throughput candidate variants or regions of interest analyses to higher throughput experiments including microarrays and recently Next Generation Sequencing.​
  • ​​Immunity and Infections
    The topics in this research program address many aspects of respiratory tract diseases, auto-immune diseases, in addition to the growing number of modified viruses and bacteria are threatening our society.
  • Neuroscience
    Neuroscience aims at establishing a comprehensive understanding of the behavioral and genetic aspects of neurological diseases. Research projects are diversified and involves clinical and animal projects that would help understand the basis of congenital and adult neurological diseases.​