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Clerkship Program

​​​​​​​​​​Med III pediatrics clerkship 

The students rotate for one month in the OPD General Pediatrics clinics and for 2 weeks in the Specialty clinics. All students are expected to attend and actively participate in group case-discussions. The students rotate for one week in Emergency Department –Pediatric section and Med III students need to examine pediatric patients coming to Emergency Room under the supervision of the Resident and attend educational activities of the Emergency Department. The students rotate for one week in Normal Nursery and examine every newborn admitted to normal nursery .The students rotate for one week in Intensive Care Nursery, where they are assigned a premature baby, they should review his medical record, and they have to write daily notes in the chart after following his daily medical problems and should attend rounds and present their cases.

Durriyah Sinno, M.D
Associate Professor
Clerkship coordinator
Office extension: 5515

Med IV pediatrics clerkship 

The Med IV pediatrics clerkship is four weeks in duration. The clerkship is predominantly inpatient experience. Med IV students are integrated into the medical team; and this ensures that students provide service to patients rather than being passive participants. Two weeks of the clerkship are spent on the Pediatrics Ward (6N, 29 beds) where the student is a member of the general pediatrics team and two weeks in the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon inpatient unit consisting of 20 beds. The students also attend a daily schedule of lectures.

Purpose of the Pediatrics Med IV clerkship​

  • Instill in students a sense of personal responsibility for pediatric patients, and responsibility for data gathering, data analysis and medical management.
  • Provide to students an overview of how to evaluate and examine infants, children and adolescents. In addition, it will help students develop an appreciation of the scope of pediatrics, how to recognize a seriously ill child, and the fact that, medically-speaking, children are not miniature adults. ​
​Nadine Yazbeck, M.D
Associate Professor
Clerkship coordinator
Office extension: 5537​

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