Lab of Dr. Ali Eid

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​​​​​​​Research Area

  • Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Alpha 2C-Adrenoceptor Pharmacology
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Drug Discovery

Research Projects

  • Role of cAMP-Epac signaling in arteriolar smooth muscle phenotype
  • Molecular regulation of alpha-2C adrenoceptors in the human microvasculature
  • Effect of stress on vascular smooth muscle cell biology
  • Drug development from natural sources, mainly plants
  • Anti-hypertensive herbal extracts and plant-derived compounds

Selected Publications

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  • Dr. Issa Khodr, Research Asssociate
  • Miss Manal Fardoun
  • Lina Hamadeh
  • Dina Maaliki
  • Rachel Njeim
  • Sara Naji
  • ​Farah Chaer

Research G​rants

Interplay between leptin and alpha2C-adrenoceptor in vascular smooth muscle during hypertension.Co-Principal InvestigatorAUB-RFA2016
Cortisol-induced hypertension: a novel role for Rap1, Rho kinase and vascular alpha 2C adrenoceptor.Principal InvestigatorAUB-MPP2016
A novel mechanism for cortisol-induced expression of vascular alpha 2C-adrenoceptors.Principal InvestigatorAUB-Seed2015
Evaluation of the anti-neoplastic and anti-metastatic potential of annonacin against renal cell carcinoma.Principal InvestigatorQatar University2015​


Outstanding Teaching Award
​Faculty of the Year
Best Motivator with the most inspirational stories award
Best Animated Demonstration of a Concept
Teaching Excellence Award​

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