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Master of Pharmacology and Toxicology

​​​​The MS program in pharmacology and therapeutics consists of at least 2.5 years of course and research work. During the first year, the student takes pre-requisite courses for pharmacology consisting mainly of biochemistry and physiology courses. Pharmacology is taught during the second year as a formal course of 9 credits offered during the first semester. Students also participate in weekly seminars throughout the year that cement their knowledge in the biomedical sciences and pharmacology specifically, and train them to think scientifically. The students start their research during the second semester of the second year to fulfill the requirements of the thesis, and usually spend 1 year on this research project.

​Students who have gone through the program are expected to have learnt the basic principles of history, chemistry, mechanisms of action, biochemical and physiological effects, absorption, and elimination, therapeutic uses and toxic effects of the major classes of drugs. In addition students will gain experience in the art and science of research work: they will be able to formulate hypotheses, design experiments to test them, analyze and present experimental results coherently using sound statistical methods and discuss their relevance and significance in the context of existing knowledge on the topic.

Pre-requisites for admission to the MS Program:​

A BS in any field, preferably in the biological sciences or pharmacy, is required for admission to the graduate program in pharmacology. Basic knowledge of physical and organic chemistry, biology and physics is required, which can be satisfied by taking the following AUB courses - or their equivalents:

  • Biology 201, 202
  • Chemistry 201, 206, 210, 211, 212
  • Physics 204, 205, 206, 207

Program Core Courses:

The minimal courses required for completion of the MS degree in pharmacology are the following:

  • First year : ​ ​The recommended courses in the 1st year are

    • PHYL 300 Homeostasis (2 credits)
    • PHYL 302 Cardiovascular Physiology (2 credits)
    • PHYL 304 Metabolism (3 credits)
    • PHYL 310 General Physiology Cellular Mechanisms (3 credits)
    • BIOC 321 Nucleic Acids and Basic Genetics (1 credit)
    • BIOC 322 Protein Biochemistry (1 credit)
    • BIOC 325 Receptors and Signal Transduction (2 credits)

  • Second year: The required course in the 2nd year is

    • PHRM 300 Pharmacology and Toxicology (7 credits)

  • Third year: The required course in the 3rd year is

    • PHRM 311-312 MS Thesis

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