Research Awards

ASPET International Travel Awards to EB2019 in Orlando 
Abstract: A Possible Role of Perivascular Adipocyte Stress in Cardiovascular Dysfunction Prior to the Onset of Diabetes
Authors: Rim Wassim Rafeh, Ali Mroueh, Ali Eid, Ahmed F. El-Yazbi
March 2019

ASPET International Travel Awards to EB2019 in Orlando 
Abstract: Mild Hypercaloric Intake is Associated with an Impaired Vascular Smooth Muscle Phenotype in Absence of Hyperglycemia: Potential Modulation by Anti-diabetic Drugs
Authors: Carla  Abrahamian, Fatima Sleiman, Ahmed F. El-Yazbi​
March 2019

Award for outstanding poster presentation at the Ninth Annual AUB Biomedical Research Day 
Title: Vitamin B3: The New Promising Drug for Myocardial Infarction Management.
Authors: Cynthia Tannous, Rana Ghali,Nada Habeichi, Abdo Jurjus, Mathias Mericskay,  Fouad A. Zouein, Marwan Refaat
​March 2019

Farouk Jabre Biomedical Research Grant Award
Title of the grant: 7-O-methylpunctatin: a novel homoisoflavonoid with antihypertensive potential 
Dr. Ali Eid
February 2019

Winner of the best poster award in the clinical research category at AUB Biomedical Research Day
March 2018
Abstract: Genetic Polymorphisms in Candidate Genes including CEP72 Are Not Associated With Increased Vincristine-Related Peripheral Neuropathy in Arab Children Treated for Acute Childhood Leukemia: A Single Institution Study
Authors: Zgheib N.K., Khoury H, Ghanem K, Tamim H, Aridi C, Shahine R, Tarek N., Saab R, Abboud M, El-Solh H, Muwakkit S

​​​​Abstract selection for Datablitz at American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) meeting.
February 2018
Rachel Njeim, Graduate Student
Advisor: Dr. Ali Eid

ASPET International Travel Award
April 2018
Rana Alaaeddine, MSc Student
Advisor: Ahmed El-Yazbi

2018 Ibrahim and Loulu Durr Endowed MRVP Awards
April 2018
Lara Chaaban, MRVP Student
Advisor: Ahmed El-Yazbi

6th Annual AUB Biomedical Research Day best poster Award, Cancer
February 2016
Miss Fatima Sleiman, MS Candidate
Advisor: Nathalie K. Zgheib

CNRS PhD Award Scholarship
September 2015
Miss Zainab Awada, PhD Candidate
Advisor: Nathalie K. Zgheib