Research Awards

CNRS-L PhD Scholarship
Project Title: Unravelling a Web of Pathways: Novel Insights to Endothelial Dysfunction Early in Metabolic Disease
Awardee: Rana Alaaeddine
Supervisor: Ahmed El-Yazbi
September 2019​

International Opportunity Award, sponsored by American Physiological society at AUB in Lebanon
Title: New advances in Cardiovascular Disease
Author: Itani, HA
August 2019

​APS/ASN Travel Award at APS/ASN Research Conference “Control of Renal Function in Health and Disease” in Charlottesville, VA
Abstract: Immune system contributions to renal tubular transport, hemodynamics and hypertension
Author: Itani, HA
June, 2019

Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award at the Hypertension 2019 Scientific Session – American Heart Association (AHA) – New Orleans.
Abstract: Vitamin B3: The New Promising Drug of Myocardial Infarction Management  
Authors: Cynthia Tannous, Rana Ghali, Nada Habeichi, Abdo Jurjus, Mathias Mericskay, Marwan Refaat, Fouad A. Zouein
June 2019

First place winner Faculty Research Institute faculty advancement program, 6th Annual Clinical Research Open House in Lebanon.
Abstract: Novel Immune Salt-Sensing Mechanisms in Hypertension
Author: Itani HA
May 2019

AHA Paul Dudley White International Scholar,  Vascular Discovery: From Genes to Medicine Scientific Sessions in Boston, MA
Abstract: CD70 modulates the role of eNOS in Endothelial cells. 
Authors: MA. Pandey AK, Harrison DG, Itani HA
May 2019

ASPET Post-Doctoral Scientist Award EB2019 in Orlando
Abstract: Metabolic Stress-Induced Renal Endothelial Dysfunction 
Authors: Safaa Hammoud, Nahed Mougharbil, Assaad Eid, Ahmed F. El-Yazbi
April 2019

ASPET International Travel Awards to EB2019 in Orlando 
Abstract: A Possible Role of Perivascular Adipocyte Stress in Cardiovascular Dysfunction Prior to the Onset of Diabetes
Authors: Rim Wassim Rafeh, Ali Mroueh, Ali Eid, Ahmed F. El-Yazbi
March 2019

ASPET International Travel Awards to EB2019 in Orlando 
Abstract: Mild Hypercaloric Intake is Associated with an Impaired Vascular Smooth Muscle Phenotype in Absence of Hyperglycemia: Potential Modulation by Anti-diabetic Drugs
Authors: Carla  Abrahamian, Fatima Sleiman, Ahmed F. El-Yazbi​
March 2019

Award for outstanding poster presentation at the Ninth Annual AUB Biomedical Research Day 
Title: Vitamin B3: The New Promising Drug for Myocardial Infarction Management.
Authors: Cynthia Tannous, Rana Ghali,Nada Habeichi, Abdo Jurjus, Mathias Mericskay,  Fouad A. Zouein, Marwan Refaat
​March 2019

Farouk Jabre Biomedical Research Grant Award
Title of the grant: 7-O-methylpunctatin: a novel homoisoflavonoid with antihypertensive potential 
Dr. Ali Eid
February 2019

Winner of the best poster award in the clinical research category at AUB Biomedical Research Day
March 2018
Abstract: Genetic Polymorphisms in Candidate Genes including CEP72 Are Not Associated With Increased Vincristine-Related Peripheral Neuropathy in Arab Children Treated for Acute Childhood Leukemia: A Single Institution Study
Authors: Zgheib N.K., Khoury H, Ghanem K, Tamim H, Aridi C, Shahine R, Tarek N., Saab R, Abboud M, El-Solh H, Muwakkit S

​​​​Abstract selection for Datablitz at American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) meeting.
February 2018
Rachel Njeim, Graduate Student
Advisor: Dr. Ali Eid

ASPET International Travel Award
April 2018
Rana Alaaeddine, MSc Student
Advisor: Ahmed El-Yazbi

2018 Ibrahim and Loulu Durr Endowed MRVP Awards
April 2018
Lara Chaaban, MRVP Student
Advisor: Ahmed El-Yazbi

Collaborative Research Stimulus Award for Outstanding and Innovative Research Proposal
Dr. Zouein 
American University of Beirut Medical Center
Mar – 2018

Dr. Zouein elected as Fellow of The American Heart Association conferred by the Council on Hypertension during Leadership Committee Meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA) 
San Francisco 
Sep – 2017

Faculty Development Program in Clinical Research Award 
Dr Zouein - First Place
Clinical Research Institute(CRI)
American University of Beirut Medical Center
May 2017

6th Annual AUB Biomedical Research Day best poster Award, Cancer
February 2016
Miss Fatima Sleiman, MS Candidate
Advisor: Nathalie K. Zgheib

CNRS PhD Award Scholarship
September 2015
Miss Zainab Awada, PhD Candidate
Advisor: Nathalie K. Zgheib