Mission and Vision


The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is committed to delivering the best education to medical, nursing and graduate students, by providing up-to-date knowledge, stimulating intellectual discourse, developing analytical and critical thinking skills, and emphasizing self-reliance and self-education. The Department also strives to advance knowledge in pharmacology and related fields by conducting innovative basic biomedical and translational research in order to understand basic mechanisms of disease and of drug action, and to identify new drug targets, with the ultimate aim of applying this knowledge in the care of patients.


The Department’s goals may be summarized as follows:
  • Educate medical and nursing students in the safe and effective use of medications
  • Develop graduate students to become independent researchers in pharmacology and related fields
  • Advance knowledge of drugs and biological systems by undertaking innovative research
  • Provide information and advice about existing and emerging drugs and toxic chemicals to members of the AUBMC and the general community
  • Provide academic support for the practice of clinical pharmacy at AUBMC


The Department will be a national and regional leader in research and education related to drugs and chemicals, and a reference center for the safe and effective use of drugs by health care workers and the public.