Departmental Committees

  • ​The Experience Team: Its role is to enhance the experience of staff and faculty in the Department of Psychiatry through social and fun activities and help contribute to the department unity (Coordinator Ms. P. Nakhle)

  • Committee on Behavior and Communication in the Workplace Its role is to organize initiatives that would aim at fostering a culture of excellence in professional communication and behavior among all department members (Coordinator Ms. C. Roukoz)

  • Coaching system for non-clinical staff: To develop a coaching system for non-clinical staff

  • Adult Outpatient Collaborative Care: To launch team meetings to enhance collaborative and multidisciplinary outpatient care in the general adult service (Coordinator Ms. M. Markarian)

  • Task force for the inpatient unit The mandate of the task force is to help strategize the expansion of the inpatient unit in order to meet the needs of our wide variety of patients, optimize the unit’s operational efficiency and streamline admission processes (Chair, Dr. F. Talih)

  • Task force for career development of staff clinicians: To develop career paths and milestones and advise on career ladder of staff psychologists at AUBMC (Coordinator Ms. C. Najm)

  • Committee on Research: The committee will work on fostering research collaboration among department members and enhancing the involvement of residents and trainees in research (Co-chairs Dr. Brigitte Khoury and Dr. Wael Shamseddeen)

  • Community outreach: It aims at promoting mental health and wellbeing across AUB and AUBMC in collaboration with existing resources and initiatives. It also aims at playing an active role in the Community and at the national level (Chair Dr. L. Dirani)