Major Grants


  • A school based emotional residency program for middle school students in Lebanon: Evaluation of implementation and effectiveness in reducing the burden of depression and anxiety.​​
    Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery–Dubai (2016-2018)
    PI-Dr. Fadi Maalouf

  • TVarenicline for Waterpipe Smoking Cessation. ​​​
    ​​​Pfizer (2014-2017)
    Co-PI-Dr. Farid Talih

  • Cannabis and Insomnia: examining behavioral interventions and inflammatory biomarkers ​
    The Dr. Agnes Varis Fund (2014-2017)
    ​ PI-Dr. Farid Talih

  • Field testing of ICD-11 proposals for sexual disorders and sexual health in selected countries in the Arab region. 
    WHO (2014-2017)​
    PI-Dr. Brigitte Khoury

  • Experience and Attitudes towards Harassment and Discrimination of students at the American University of Beirut
    US Government(2016-2017)
    PI-Dr. Brigitte Khoury

  • Integrated Mental Healthcare
    Johnson & Johnson Middle East FZ-LLC (2017-2020)​
    PI-Dr. Joseph El-Khoury


  • ​The Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Lebanese Children and Adolescents. 
    AUBMC-MPP, Focus Fund (2015-2018)
    PI-Dr. Fadi Maalouf

  • A preventive parenting program addressing infant and toddler emotional regulation and pre-academic skills. 
    AUBMC-MPP (2017)
    ​​PI-Dr. Leila Akoury Dirani

  • The Adaptability and Efficacy of Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp) in a Sample of Lebanese Patients with a presentation of First Episode Psychosis
    AUBMC-MRP (2017-2020)​
    PI-Dr. Joseph El-Khoury​

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Cannabis Use Disorder Patients
    AUBMC-MPP (2018)
    PI-Dr. Farid Talih