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The main contribution to the Med I curriculum is the Clinical Anatomy Course. Several faculty members from the Department of Surgery are regularly assigned to provide and moderate the discussions of different Clinical Anatomy sessions as part of the Clinical Skills 1 Course that covers the clinical applications and relevance of the various anatomical structures:

  • Back & Vertebral Column
  • Upper Limb
  • Chest
  • Abdominal Wall and Hernias
  • Joints
  • Lower Limb
Other faculty members have been involved in the Clinical Skills 1 Course – Foundations of Doctoring Block, such as the Vital Signs & Body Measurements Session, and Communication Skills.


The contribution to the Med II curriculum is limited to the faculty from the Division of Urology who take turns in covering the Med II Clinical Skills 2 course – Renal and Urology Block, covering topics such as the “Prostate Gland” and “Kidney Stones”.


The Med III Surgical Clerkship is the flagship of the medical education in the Department of Surgery. In addition to approximately 100 AUB Med III students, this clerkship also attracts a large number of visiting students from Europe and the region.

Under the guidance of surgical house-staff and faculty, the surgical rotation offers an experience in surgical illness and management. Utilizing a team-based approach, this experience provides an environment for enhancement of fundamental clinical competencies. Students encounter common clinical problems relevant to all of medicine as well as specific surgical conditions and procedures.

The General Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery and elective rotations in Urology, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery or Orthopedic Surgery consist the integrated 12-week Surgical Clerkship for the Med III students. During this 12-week course, students will rotate as follows:


This 12-week rotation is an introduction to the diagnosis and management of surgical diseases as well as an opportunity to gain exposure to the exciting world of General surgery and various surgical specialties. It will serve as a starting point for decisions about careers in the surgical disciplines. In general, the goals of the course include:

  • To acquire a solid fund of knowledge about surgical diseases and their management
  • To learn to recognize clinical situations mandating surgical intervention
  • To clarify the surgeon's role as a consultant in the identification and management of non-surgical conditions
The Surgical Clerkship is directed by Dr. Ramzi Alami and is administered by the various faculty members on the rotation specialties. During this clerkship, our faculty members offer on average 103 interactive lectures per 3-month rotation. The rotation is complete by the administration of an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE).

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