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Clinical Research Institute (CRI) at FM, AUB
Biostatistics Unit (BSU)
The Biostatistics Unit (BSU) was established with the objective of providing statistical support and consultancy to researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and at AUB-MC. The ultimate aim of the BSU is to promote high-standard clinical research through appropriate statistical analyses. 

Services offered
A wide range of services are offered at the BSU, which are summarized below:

  • Proposal development:
    1. Study design
    2. Data collection tools
    3. Sample size calculation
    4. Data analyses plan
    5. Other proposal-related issues
  • Data analyses and manuscript preparation
    1. Data analyses
      1. Interim analyses
      2. Data management
      3. Data cleaning
      4. Descriptive analyses
      5. Inferential analyses
      6. Other analysis-related issues
    2. Manuscript preparation
      1. Tabulating results and graphic representation
      2. Write up of statistical analyses section
      3. Summarizing results
      4. Replying to journal’s editorial review
      5. Addressing reviewer’s comments
      6. Other publication-related issues

Team members
Director: Dr Hani Tamim
BSU analyst: Ms Aurelie Mailhac

Contact information
For inquiries, please contact us at 961 1350000 ext 5445.


The BSU is currently directed by Hani Tamim, PhD. For inquiries, please contact us at 961 1350000 ext 5445.
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