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Clinical Research Institute (CRI) at FM, AUB
Clinical Epidemiology Unit (CEU)

The Clinical Epidemiology Unit (CEU) specializes in systemic reviews, meta-analyses, and guideline development. The CEU aims to strengthen the field of Clinical Epidemiology in Lebanon, and establish AUB as its leader in the Middle East region. The unit benefits from close collaboration with the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University in Canada. It also co-hosts the WHO Center for Systematic Reviews in Health Policy and Systems Research.

Services Offered
Support in planning, designing, and conducting:
     - Systematic reviews and meta-analyses in the clinical and public health fields
     - Studies of methodology of clinical trials and systematic reviews
     - Clinical and public health practice guidelines
Workshops on conducting systematic reviews, and developing clinical practice guidelines

Team Members
Director: Dr. Elie Akl
Coordinator: Ms. Lara Kahale
Research Fellows:
     - Dr. Alain Harb
     - Dr. Tamara Loutfi
Dr. Hashem Rajab Beik
     - Dr. Rami Tarabay

Ongoing projects
- A series of systematic reviews about the interaction between physicians and pharmaceutical companies, for the Lebanese Physicians and Pharma Working Group
- A series of systematic reviews about anticoagulation in cancer, for publication in the Cochrane Library
- A series of methodological studies on dealing with missing participant data in meta-analysis, funded by the Cochrane Collaboration
- A series of methodological studies on conflicts of interest reporting and management in systematic reviews
Support for the WHO Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN) in developing practice guidelines on injection safety (systematic reviews and methodological guidance)
Support for the American College of Rheumatology in developing clinical practice guidelines for Axial Spondyloarthritis (methodological guidance)

Contact Information
For inquiries, please contact Ms. Rola El Rassi through email or call us at 961 1 350000 ext 5445.


The CEU is currently directed by Elie Akl, MD, MPH, PhD. For inquiries, please contact Ms. Rola El Rassi through email or at ext 5445.
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