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Clinical Research Institute (CRI) at FM, AUB
Clinical Research Unit (CRU)
The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) was set-up to foster a culture of quality medical research, through empowering investigators, facilitating efficient operations, and providing research support services at AUB. The CRU plans on optimizing outpatient clinical research operations by guiding faculty members and their research assistants throughout the conduct of clinical trials.

Services offered

  • Study conduct and management:
       - Perform patient examination and interviews
    Provide phlebotomy and sample collection services
    Maintain case report forms, facilitate study monitoring
  • Implementation of institutional and international policies for ethical conduct of clinical research.

Facilities available
The CRU is a functional unit that provides the following facilities to primary investigators conducting clinical trials:
Patient encounter room
Physical assessment room
Phlebotomy and blood processing area 
Specimen and medication storage room

In addition, the CRU provides an office area for research fellows conducting studies at AUBMC.

To request our services, kindly fill in the following form and submit to Ms Lara Al-Hakim.

To reserve the CRU, please follow this link.

Team members
Director: Dr. Habib Dakik
CRU nurse: Ms. Lara Al-Hakim

Contact information
For inquiries, please contact Ms. Lara Al-Hakim by email or at 961 1350000 ext 5414.

The CRU is currently directed by Habib Dakik, MD. For inquiries, please contact Ms. Lara Al-Hakim, the CRU Nurse through email or on ext 5414/5452 – pager 1544.
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