American Univesity of Beirut

National Level

​​Al-Janub HospitalCooperation in the areas of Vascular Surgery and other surgical specialties such as General Surgery, Orthopedics and Urology.
Ain Wa ZeinRotation of AUBMC Students in the Department of Medicine (Geriatrics) in order to increase the exposure of house staff to the care of patients and train them to manage patients in a community hospital
Amel AssociationProvision of medical services by AUBMC, through the Department of Family Medicine, for the primary care clinic in Cheyyah.
BalamandCollaboration and joint efforts in the areas of teaching, training and research.
Beirut Arab University (BAU)Rotation of BAU Pharmacy students at AUBMC
Centre Hospitalier de Bhannes (CHB)Clinical services for patients needing rehabilitation and long term care at CHB
Center Hospitalier du Nord (CHN)Cooperation in the areas of  Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery and  referral of studies in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Chronic Care CenterAffiliation at the level of research and at the level of education aiming to expand the teaching facilities for students and postgraduate trainees of FM/AUBMC. Utilization of the Genetic Lab services at CCC. Attendings from AUBMC rotate at CCC.
Clemenceau Medical CenterCooperation on both clinical and academic levels. Referral of patients to CMC; use of fees for an educational fund to support residents rotating at CMC and other educational activities. The two institutions team up on several levels, including the creation of centers of excellence, developing quality standards in healthcare, and collaborating on medical and educational activities.
Dahr Al BashekCollaboration on the clinical, training and educational levels.
Dar Al AjazaCollaboration on the training and educational levels.
Deir El-SalibTraining of third year students of FM/AUBMC in psychiatry  at Deir EL-Salib
El Salam HospitalClinical collaboration mainly in Neurosurgery and Interventional Radiology.
Family Guidance Center (FGC)Rotation of residents from AUBMC Family Medicine Department at the FGC.
Fouad Khoury Hospital & AssociatesRotation of residents and referral of patients
Hammoud Hospital University Medical CenterCooperation in pathology and laboratory medicine
Health Outreach to the Middle East (HOME)AUBMC, through the DFM, shall provide ambulatory services within HOME's primary care center
International Medical Corps (IMC)Collaboration in Continuing Medical Education and Radiation Oncology
Italian Embassy, LebanonTraining of Central Public Health Laboratory
Jabal Amel Women Association, LebanonTechnical Assistance to the Kfarhatta Technical School
Keserwan Medical Center (KMC)Affiliation at the clinical, academic and research levels
Lebanese American University (LAU-School of Pharmacy)AUBMC faculty, staff, or part-time instructors give Pharmacy courses at LAU; also students from LAU can do training at AUBMC
Lebanese International University (LIU)Rotation of LIU Pharmacy students at AUBMC
Lebanese Military HospitalRotation of residents from the AUBMC Family Medicine Department at the Lebanese Military Hospital
Lebanese University School of DentistryAcademic collaboration in Orthodontics.
Makassed General HospitalCooperation and affiliation in fields of Medicine and Health Sciences. Four agreements of cooperation and affiliation were signed between FM/AUBMC and Makassed General Hospital: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Surgery. In the time being, residents from Makassed rotate in Internal Medicine and Surgery at AUBMC; residents from the Department of Pediatrics at AUBMC rotate at Makassed
Mamdouha El-Sayed Cancer Center of Tripoli (Signed with New Mazloum Hospital)Initiation of an outpatient radiotherapy and oncology center on NMH premises. AUBMC will oversee the whole design process and will provide and supervise the following activities: training the required staff, providing support in the areas of research / continuing education / infection control /
research and clinical protocols / clinical trials / radiology / pathology / Radiation
Oncology / etc. AUBMC will also select the Medical Director, assist in the selection of other staff, and support the center's medical and clinical operations.
Moadieh Evangelical Center (MEC)Clinical and academic collaboration in the area of geriatrics
Mount Lebanon Hospital, Gharios Medical Center S.A.L.Rotation of residents and referral of patients
Nabatieh Governmental HospitalAUBMC Radiologists assist NGH in the analysis of the clinical aspects of its PET/CT studies
Najjar HospitalCooperation on the clinical and educational levels
Notre Dame HospitalCooperation in the areas of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery and Radiology, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, training of nurses and allied health professionals, quality assessment and performance improvement, referrals and others.
Nour Al ShoroukCollaboration on the clinical level.
Nu Yu Medi-SpaRotation of residents and referral of patients
Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH)Training at RHUH for AUBMC residents, interns, fellows and students
RosaireCooperation on the clinical level in Ophthalmology
Saida Governmental Hospital (SGH)Training of Med III and Med IV students and residents and fellows from FM/AUBMC at SGH.
Saint Charles HospitalCollaboration in the area of Ophthalmology
Tahaddi LebanonPhysicians from the Family Medicine Department at AUBMC provide medical services for Tahaddi Lebanon (NGO to support underprivileged populations)
Tripoli Governmental HospitalTraining of Med III and Med IV students and residents and fellows from FM/AUBMC at TGH.
United Medical GroupClinical collaboration in Family Medicine
UNRWAProvision of healthcare services to Palestinian refugees at AUBMC
UNRWA “Primary Care Update" workshop for Primary Care Physicians in Family Medicine.
Welfare AssociationProvision of clinical services by AUBMC, for treatment of Palestinian Pediatric patients with Sickle Cell Anemia .
Yaduna / WHHC & USJFMCollaboration on the levels of faculty outreach, research, and training of residents / interns / medical students


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