Message from the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

​​​​​​Over the past few years, FAO has launched several projects to fulfill its primary mission of promoting the well-being of the Faculty of Medicine and its constituencies. These included:

  • Vigorous recruitment of outstanding members across all disci0lines that enriched the existing diversity in clinical and research expertise at FM and AUBMC;
  • Redefining academic tracks and corresponding appointment, promotion and reappointment criteria;
  • Offering new faculty orientation program;
  • Conducting searches for chairs and heads of programs;
  • Revising the Medical Practice Plan to meet the changing and growing needs of the faculty and encouraging group practice formation;
  • Designing a comprehensive faculty development program. 

Detailed information about these documents and educational programs are accessible through this web page.

Likewise FAO offices have been reorganized to meet the growing needs of the faculty. They are run by a team of dedicated staff who are determined to offer you the best services possible and to assist you in your academic endeavors. Moreover, the files of the faculty have been digitized and we are actively working on introducing information technology that should facilitate the communication between the faculty member and FAO for documentation and updating faculty profiles.

The success of any program or service is dependent on the input of its users; consequently, I encourage you wholeheartedly to come forward with any suggestions to improve the faculty life and the work environment at FM and AUBMC. This website is intended not only as a source of information but also to enhance the lines of communication and the exchange of ideas so make the best use of it to help in fulfilling its objectives. 

Warmest greetings

Ghazi Zaatari, MD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs