Promotion and Tenure in the Investigator Track 1

​​​​​​​Granting tenure is a recognition by one's peers and by the university of achieved distinction in the areas of research, teaching, and service, in the advancement of the mission of the university, and ultimately in the career trajectory of faculty members. Therefore, tenure should be granted to faculty members whose high standards of scholarly achievements in serving the university's mission and potential for effective long-term performance warrant the institution's reciprocal long-term commitment.

Specific Indicators for Clinical Service at the Faculty of Medicine

As clinicians and practitioners on Subtrack 1B, faculty members carry out the clinical and administrative missions using professional knowledge, attitudes, and skills to provide direct care or to advance clinical and organizational systems. In addition to the guidelines on service presented above, all faculty members on Subtrack 1B are expected to demonstrate a valued record and respected recognition in quality patient care and/or clinical service in their area of specialty.