Bacterial Incubators/Shakers

​​Our core facilities have multiple incubators for bacterial culture and plates. All mentioned below are kept at 37o​C. If you need a different temperature of incubation, please check with the custodian. 

  • Floor Model Incubator Shaker: Infors-HT multitron standard (30-400 rpm, 6˚C above Room Temperature(R.T.) to 65˚C, can hold from (100ml up to 5L flasks)
  • Benchtop model Incubator shaker: Bransteadl Labline Max Q4000 (40-400 rpm, 10˚C above R.T. to 60˚C, from 100ml up to 2L flasks)
  • Bacterial Plate incubator: JP Selecta Bacterial incubator (19L volume, 5 ˚C above R.T. to 80˚C)
  • Gyromax 747: the working temperature is from about 5◦C above ambient to 80◦C, speeds from 25 to 420 RPM, Flask size (ml):50-125-250-500-1000-2000-2800-4000-6000.
  • Thermo Max Q 420HP: Temperature range ambient +5◦c to 80◦c, speed range 25 to 5250 ±1 rpm, hold up to six 2L flasks.

Hours of operation: 8am- 5pm
Reservation Link: None
Custodian: Mr. Amjad Haidar​
Access Level: Minimal training
Location: DTS- 353