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Experion automated electrophoresis system


The Experion from Biorad is the twin of the Bioanalyzer from Agilent. It applies microfluidics separation technologies to analyze minute quantities of DNA, RNA and proteins. It is used to check the quality and quantity of nucleic acids (RIN) upstream of complex genomics processes such as the ones on Affymetrix and MiSeq. It can also be used for protein size and quantity determination.

The Experion system consists of three instruments that automate and expedite the electrophoresis process:

  • Fast, 30 minute batch runs of protein and RNA samples
  • Accurate single-step protein sizing from 10 to 260 kD
  • Protein resolution and sensitivity comparable to colloidal Coomassie Blue-stained mini gels
  • 2-in-1 process for RNA: integrity checks and quantitation
Researchers can buy their own cartridges for desired applications from the local supplier Basilky. Below is a list of available cartridges with part numbers:

 7007101 Experion Pro260 Analysis Kit for 10 Chips

 Experion Pro260 Analysis Kit for 25 Chips
 7007103 Experion RNA StdSens Analysis Kit for 10 Chips
 7007104 Experion RNA StdSens Analysis Kit for 25 Chips
 7007105 Experion RNA HighSens Analysis Kit for 10 Chips
 7007106 Experion RNA HighSens Analysis Kit for 25 Chips
 7007107 Experion DNA 1K Analysis Kit for 10 Chips
 7007108 Experion DNA 12K Analysis Kit for 10 Chips
 7007251 Experion Cleaning Chips, 10
 7007252 Experion Electrode Cleaner, 250ml

Hours of operation: 8am- 5pm
Access Level: Minimal training
Location: DTS- 416 

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