Microplate Fluorometer/Luminometer-Fluoroskan Ascent FL

‚ÄčThe Flouroskan Ascent FL is a microplate fluorometer and luminometer from Thermoscientific. It has a excitation range of 320nm-700nm, and an emission range of 360nm-670nm.

Our Fluoroskan comes with 2 filters:

Excitation: 355nm/Emission: 460nm
Excitation: 485nm/ Emission: 538nm
It can be expanded to 8 excitation and 6 emission filters.

It can read up to 384 well plates, and comes with 2 reagent dispensers for simultaneous dispensing and reading for fast kinetic assays, such as Ca flux. This fluorometer is recommended for: Ca2+ flux assays; Cell proliferation; Cytotoxicity; Multi-drug resistance; Cell adhesion; DNA quantitation; Reporter gene assays (luciferase); Hybridization assays; Quantitation of PCR products; FRET assays; Molecular beacon assays; Immunoassays; Enzyme activity; Neonatalogy; Bacterial quantitation; Phagocytosis; Oligonucleotide assays; ADMEtox

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