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UV Gel Documentation system, Biorad Gel Doc EZ

​Gel Doc EZ

The Gel doc EZ is a compact and automated gel imaging instrument designed to yield publication-quality images and digital analysis of results. We have 4 trays available: UV tray for ethidium bromide staining of DNA gels and fluorescence imaging, white tray for Coomassie, copper, silver, and zinc stains, blue tray for nucleic acid applications with SYBR® stains and stain-free tray for stain-free imaging with Bio-Rad stain-free gels.

Hours of operation: 8am- 5pm
Reservation Link: None
Custodian: Ms. Inaam Rassy​ and Mr. Wiam Haidar​
Access Level: Minimal training
Location: DTS – 312

Chemi Doc

The chemiDoc is a compact and chemiluminescent-capable gel/blot imaging instrument. It automates the process of selecting blot detection parameters and acquires high-quality and high sensitivity gel and western images. You interact with the instrument via either computer software (Room 312) or an integrated touch screen (room 451). Position the sample on the sample tray, choose the image acquisition presets and acquire the image by tapping a button. The instrument uses a supersensitive camera with a charge coupled device (CCD) and a large maximum-aperture lens that provides high chemiluminescent sensitivity. The imager has a built-in UV Tran illuminator and white LEDs for epi (reflective) illumination. Please check below the rules that are implemented in order to avoid problems to the instrument:

  • Spilled buffer (and with big quantity) from the trans illuminator to the drawer may cause a serious problems in the instrument
  • It is recommended to take only 3 to 5 images at most in the signal accumulation mode because taking more images will give a low sensitive images with background too high
  • Clean the trans illuminator sample area after use
  • If the liquid was spilled out of the UV trans illuminator the instrument should be turned off immediately and inform the custodian
  • It is recommended to use the ChemiDoc system for Protein gels and blots
  • For agarose gels use the Gel doc at the 4th floor utility room 453
  • The reservation time at rush hours (10:00 am till 4:30 pm) is 1 hour for each lab
  • You can reserve more than 1 hour at happy hours before 10:00 am and after 4:30 pm

Hours of operation: 8am- 5pm
Reservation Link: None
Custodian: Mr. Wiam Haidar
Access Level: Minimal training
Location: DTS – 451

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