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Guava Easycyte 8 Flow Cytometer

​​​ ​​The Guava EasyCyte™ System is an automated, easy-to-use, desktop single-cell analysis system that can perform a wide range of multi-color cellular and bead assays. The cytometer has two lasers: Blue (488nm) and Red (640nm) and can detect up to six fluorochromes other than the forward and side scatter lights. Sample uptake occurs though a micro-capillary and does not require sheath fluid or other supplementary fluids for operation.

Fluidics Specifications and lasers/colors are detailed in the tables below. Instructions for using the instrument are in the room, but basic training is required before using. Please contact Ms. Maria Esmerian for details.

Lasers and Parameters


​ ​ ​​Blue Laser (488nm) 

Red Laser (640nm) 
 Max Emission Green (525/30 nm) Yellow (583/26 nm) Red (690/50 nm) NIR (785/70 nm) Red2 (661/19 nm) NIR2 (785/70 nm)
7-AAD647  X
Alexa Fluor 488/FITC519X     
Alexa Fluor 647668    X 
APC660    X  
APC-CY7774     X
PE-CY5670  X   
PE-CY5.5692  X   
PE-CY7774   X  
PerCP675  X   
PerCP-CY5.5690  X   
PE-Texas Red613 XX   
PI617 XX X 
Qdot655655    X  
Qdot800800   X X
Rhodamine 110520X     

Fluidics Specifications

Flow Cell DimensionsStandard square capillary with ID of 100µm
Sheath FluidNone
Sample Flow Rate7µL/min to 72µL/min
Waste GenerationTypically <40mL in 8 hours of continuous use
Sample ConcentrationFinal particle concentration of 10,000 to 500,000 particles/mL
Sample RequirementAs few as 2,000 cells/test; typically 25,000-100,000 cells
Cell Size1-60 µm
Typical # of Cells/Protocol1,000-10,000 cells/test​


GuavaSoft™ 2.7 Software includes dedicated modules for cell- and bead-based assays. GuavaSoft Software automatically saves data files as FCS format compatible with standard flow cytometry analysis applications (FlowJo, DIVA). An offline data analysis workstation is available in the room 308.


Reservations of the cytometer via the online booking system are possible. You can access the reservation sheet under “Facility Reservation/ Faculty of Medicine/ Millipore Guava EasyCyte8".

Reservations are subject to approval by the operator and users are advised to verify their reservations 24 hours prior to the experiment in case of an emergency cancellation.

Bookings should be cancelled as early as possible in case of a cancellation of an experiment.​​


The Guava EasyCyte™ 8 Flow Cytometer can be used to carry out multiple experiments across different research areas. These include:  

  • Accurate cell count and population determination 
  • Transfection efficiency 
  • Cell death assays (Annexin V/PI) 
  • Cell cycle/DNA content analyses 
  • Fluorescent dye transfer techniques  
  • Functional assays (proliferation, ROS production, membrane potential changes, …) 

Operating the Guava Machine

Download the protocols here​

​What to Bring with You

  • Samples should be brought in 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes. You have to cut off the cap of the tube before loading it in the tube holder, or use a twist off cap tube. The type of plastic does not matter.
  • Micropipette and tips for homogenization of the sample before loading.
  • Your compensation controls.
  • A CD/DVD to record your data. ​

Performance Check

The easyCheck Procedure is performed once per month to ensure that the system is performing properly. easyCheck averages the results from three acquisitions of a guava easyCheck Bead sample to determine if the results are within the expected range.​

Hours of Operation: 8:00am-5:00pm
Reservation Link
Custodian: Dr. Samia Khoury and Ms. Maria Esmerian​
Access Level: Advanced
Location: DTS, 3rd floor, room 308​​

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