Radioisotope Lab

The radioisotope lab (DTS-458) is the room where all types of experiments involving the use of radioactivity (H-3, C-14, and P-32) are performed.

The room is equipped with a hood, shielding for beta particles, waste containers, and GM detector.
Users are required to do contamination check after each experiment.
In addition weekly contamination surveys are required to be performed following a preset schedule by all users. 

Only lab members who have attended and passed the radiation safety training provided by EHSRM, and who are cleared by the radiation safety officer are allowed to use this room.

Hours of operation: Access by card key
Reservation Link: None
Custodian: Ms. Safaa Mourad​ (ext.: 2367, pager: 0065)
Access Level: Advanced Training
Location: DTS-458