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SIMOA HD-1 Analyzer

​The Simoa™ HD‐1 Analyzer is a fully automated instrument that performs ELISA immunoassays at unprecedented levels of sensitivity. At the heart of the instrument is a precision‐engineered, disposable disc with twenty four arrays, each with 216,000 femtoliter‐sized reaction chambers, termed single molecule arrays (Simoa), that can isolate and detect single enzyme‐labeled protein molecules. Because the array volumes are approximately 2 billion times smaller than those required for conventional ELISA, a rapid buildup of fluorescent product is generated if a labeled protein is present. With diffusion limited, this high local concentration of product can be readily observed. Only a single molecule is needed to reach the detection limit. This revolutionary approach to digitalizing ELISA offers on average a 1000-fold improvement in sensitivity over current immunoassay techniques.

Instrument Operation

The Simoa HD-1 Analyzer allows users to run either pre-packaged reagent kits from Quanterix or to develop their own assays using a robust homebrew protocol. The instrument was designed to automate the entire process, including making dilutions; mixing, washing, incubation steps, and finally read-out/analysis of the results.

You can perform singleplex and multiplex assays with the Simoa HD‐1 Analyzer. In multiplex assays, multiple subpopulations of beads, each with a unique fluorescent signature and specific antibody, are incubated together in the same sample. They are then imaged simultaneously on the same array. You can define your own Homebrew multiplex assays, or use Quanterix‐supplied multiplex assays with premixed beads and multiplex assay definitions.

Instrument Performance


68 Tests/hour, >500 data points per day

WorkflowBatch (plates or tubes)
Total Assay Time<2.5 hours per 96-well plate
Hands on TimeStartup time <20 minutes
AutomationFull (sample in to data out)
Sample Input96-well plate and tubes
Sample Volume1 μl * - 100 μl
Multiplex Capabilityup to 4-plex
Assay Flexibility1, 2 or 3-step assays, with variable incubation time and number of wash

* < 10 μl requires pre-dilution step

Your Results

Results can be exported to an external analysis package, or you can view and analyze results in the instrument’s software.
The following options are available:​​

  • Export a CSV file for external analysis
  • Export a PDF or Excel file for external analysis
  • Analyze the results in the instrument’s Data Reduction screen
You can log in to the customer portal at to download the offline version of the software and see the available Simoa Assay kits.


  • Reservations can be done via the online booking system. You can access the reservation sheet under “Facility Reservation/ Faculty of Medicine/ Flow Cytometry Core Facility/ Simoa HD-1 Analyzer-Quanterix”.
  • Reservations are subject to approval by the operator and users are advised to verify their reservations 24 hours prior to the experiment in case of an emergency cancellation.
  • Bookings should be cancelled as early as possible in case of a cancellation of an experiment.

What to Bring with You

  • The samples and calibrators (with the appropriate dilutions) loaded in a plate or tubes.
  • Bead, detector, SGB (Streptavidin beta galactosidase) and RGP (Resorufin-D-galactopyranoside) reagents.
  • ​A CD/DVD to record your data.

Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.
Reservation Link​
Custodian: Dr. Samia Khoury​ and Ms. Maria Esmerian
Access Level: Restricted
Location: DTS, 3rd floor, room 308-C

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