The core facilities currently have 4 spectrophotometers:

  • Nicolet Evolution 300 (DTS 308)from Thermo is a UV-VIS spec. that can hold up to 7 cuvettes, and has a wavelength range of 190nm-1100nm. Ideal for protein or nucleic acid concentration reading
  • NanoDrop ND-1000 (DTS 308)can read very small undiluted volumes of nucleic acid (1-2 µl) and has a wavelength range of 220-740 nm.
  • BioMate 3S (DTS 416) is a new addition to the core facilities in 2014. Has one cuvette position for pre-programmed assays for RNA/DNA concentration/purity estimation, protein concentrations, and cell growth kinetics. Wavelength range of 190 to 1100nm. Method and result saving to USB memory stick.
  • Genova Nano 3-in-1 from Jenway (Phase I/ C-204) is a nanodrop capable of reading from 0.5ul volumes, wavelength range of 198 to 1000nm, and detects DNA concentrations as low as 2ng/ul. It has a built in printer and a USB port for method and result saving. 

Hours of operation: 8am- 5pm
Reservation Link: None
Custodian: Mr. Amjad Haidar​
Access Level: Minimal training
Location: DTS – 342