American University of Beirut

Tristar Multimode Reader

Location: DTS room 312

Protocol for Tristar operating manual

1-     Turn On the machine before 10 minutes of the experiments

2-     Open the software ICE at the desktop (B)

3-     To open new protocol click File – New – View – Protocol wizard

4-     Set the temperature if needed then choose the plate type Costar 96 clear (If you are using 96 well plate) you can use the 6, 12, 48 well plates as well

5-     For automatic injection click the Inj.1 you can choose 3 injections/plate and select which wells you want to inject your samples

6-     Click Next – then at the measurement sequence you can choose any protocol from the below by double clicking on the Endpoint

7-     If you want the shake double click of shake and choose the time of shaking

8-     You can use any wavelength for the luminometer measurements

9-     For the measurements of Absorbance, Fluorescence you have the below filters

  • For Excitation 450 & 485 nm and you use the monochromator as well for the excitation and choose the wavelength that you need
  • For Emission 460, 510, 535 & 590 nm
  • Excitation and emission filters for BRET experiments
10-  Double click Endpoint under the absorbance or fluorescence

11-  If wavelength not available you can choose the monochromater  and select and add the preferred wavelength 

12-  Click next and choose the directory to save you data My Doc – ICE – Data Tristar – and click automatic export after measurement

13-  Click Next – Finish – Save on My Doc – ICE – Para Tristar

14-  Enter file name and then click start measurement

15-  The plate will open in order to load the plate when you press start measurement

16-  Load the plate black adapter for the 96 well plates and red adapter (in drawer) for 6,12, 48 well plates

17-  Press OK

18-  When you finish reading click Instrument – Unload plate – take your plate

19-  Click Instrument again - load plate

20-  Close the program and then turn OFF the machine  

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