FM BOLDLY Companion Piece

​​​​​​​​​​​In January 2017, AUB President Fadlo R. Khuri announced BOLDLY AUB: the campaign to Lead, Innovate, and Serve. This $650 million fundraising campaign, the largest and most ambitious in the history of the University, and indeed in the entire region, is a test ament to AUB’s enduring commitment to serve the peoples of the Middle East and beyond - a commitment that has defined our history and is the cornerstone of our plans for the future. 

Download FM BOLDLY Companion Piece​. The AUB story is one of advancing knowledge; of providing for the healthcare needs of our community; of deep and abiding commitment to Lebanon and the region; of hope and perseverance; of inclusivity and diversity; and of fostering respect and mutual trust. We launched the BOLDLY AUB Campaign so that we can continue to Lead, Innovate, and Serve the people of Lebanon and the region for generations to come.

Please join us