Dentofacial Clinics

​Comprehensive Care as Patient Right

The orthodontic/dentofacial clinic is operated by affiliated staff and graduate orthodontic residents. The residents receive educational experience through treating patients under direct supervision of the faculty member assigned in the clinic. The clinic is administered by designated staff and faculty who have assumed responsibility for all procedures performed by residents or themselves for the welfare of all patients. Therefore, they must be consulted on all substantive matters of treatment, as well as on administrative questions.

Every patient entering the orthodontic/dentofacial clinic is given the opportunity to receive comprehensive orthodontic care, or if not aware of the special treatment rendered in the clinic, the opportunity to advice on where to seek appropriate care. This opportunity includes

  • addressing the patient’s chief complaints regarding the mouth and malocclusion.
  • evaluating the patient’s risk for oral disease and any possible link to his/her general health.
  • ensuring the opportunity to receive and providing treatment or counseling necessary to respond to the patient’s concerns and consistent with the patient’s desires and financial resources.
  • recalling the patient for follow-up visits as needed to achieve successful treatment outcomes.