Medical Center Ethics Committee

​​​​​​​​The American University of Beirut Medical Center Ethics Committee (MCEC) is an advisory group appointed by the Medical Board upon the recommendation of the Chief of Staff. When requested, the MCEC examines and reviews ethical issues that may come up in the course of a patient's care. The MCEC members include physicians, nurses, social workers, a lawyer, a philosopher, and the hospital’s bioethicist. 

The role of the MCEC is basically advisory in that it gives recommendations after ascertaining that all the pertinent facts of the case being discussed are obtained and that those involved have a clear understanding of the issue and the facts. A major role of the MCEC is to facilitate the discussion by clarifying the different relevant considerations and to help all those involved reach a consensus, rather than to serve as a decision-making body.

Overview of the Responsibilities of the Medical Center Ethics Committee
The MCEC serves the entire community of the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) by furthering ethical deliberation, mutually respectful dialogue and critical analysis, and by promoting standards of conduct that reflect the commitment of the Institution to the highest ethical standards as well as to patient-centered care.

The main goals of the MCEC are to:

  • Periodically review and update existing ethics-related policies and compose new ones as may be needed and/or upon the request of the Chief of Staff
  • Deliberate and educate about ethical questions in specific cases
  • Enhance a culture of morality, integrity, and responsibility
  • Promote an ethical culture in the community.