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Med Student Pledge

As I begin my life-long journey towards becoming a physician, I understand that I am committing myself to a profession that adheres to a set of moral values and ideals, which has allowed it to gain the respect of people all over the world for more than two thousand years. In the tradition of these high standards of professional conduct, I pledge on my honor that: 

I will actively seek, and strive for excellence in, the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that befit my role as a physician in training, without allowing blind competition and the quest for grades to become my primary goal. 

I will show the utmost respect to my teachers, colleagues, patients and all other people I meet. I will learn gratefully from those who transmit their medical knowledge to me, and in the same spirit of giving, I will share my learning with others. 

I will appreciate and preserve all the teaching resources that are provided to me; in particular, I will venerate the human bodies that are made available for my education. 
I will develop my time management and organizational skills to establish a habit of punctuality and a balance between my professional and private lives. 

I will not engage in any activity that may compromise my honesty or the integrity of the AUB medical school, such as cheating, plagiarism or disruptive behavior. 

I will present myself in a professional manner to my peers, professors, and patients, and will maintain high standards in language, hygiene and dress code, for I am a reflection of this profession. 

I will work with my colleagues, doctors and other members of the healthcare system in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation for the welfare of our patients. 

Acknowledging the privileges given to me as a physician in training, I will behave with humility and modesty towards my patients. In addition, I will refrain from abusing any power implicitly given to me by my patients or through the respect that society confers on the profession of medicine. 

I will commit myself to treat the sick with warmth, compassion, and selflessness. Even when my personal safety is threatened, I will strive to put my patients’ interests before my own. 

I will value the diversity of my patients and will not discriminate against them based on their experiences, cultures or beliefs. I will maintain their confidentiality and respect their rights to privacy and decision making. 

I will contribute to the welfare of my community through education, prevention of disease and advancement of medical knowledge. 

I hereby make this pledge freely and truthfully, and I hold myself accountable for it. 

Click here to download the AUB Med Student Pledge in Arabic.​

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