Air Pollutants and Cardiovascular Disease Group


The air pollutant and CV disease Group is currently developing for interfaculty research proposals that will address the effect of smoking cigarettes, narghile, environmental pollutants and toxins on the development of cardiovascular diseases in Lebanon.

Ongoing Projects

  • Smoking/ Reactive Oxygen Species and Vascular Inflammation
  • Maps of Coronary Artery Disease Burden and AiR Quality Danger Spots in the Greater Beirut 3-Area (MARQ-Beirut)
  • Association of water pipe smoking with coronary calcium 
  • Association of water pipe smoking with vascular function- large vessels and endothelium function.​

Epidemiology and biomarkers of air pollution and burden of coronary artery disease: risks, protective factors, and implications for prevention


  • Kamal Badr, MD
  • Najat Saliba, PhD
  • Issam Lakkis, PhD
  • Hassan Chami,MD ​