Greater Beirut Area CardioVascular Cohort (GBACC)


Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in Lebanon. This fact makes it incumbent on us scientists interested in alleviating the sufferings of our people to enable ourselves with the tools needed to achieve that. It is evident from all experiences worldwide that having a well characterized cohort that permits outcomes to be monitored prospectively is among the most important investments an institution that is faithful to its clinical research mission should embark on. Having the above in mind we planned and proceeded in bringing into reality the Greater Beirut Area Cardiovascular Cohort (GBACC). 

GBACC is an adult cohort that is representative of Administrative Beirut, and the Districts of Chouf, Aley, Baabda, Metn and Keserwan. The participants in this cohort were graceful to consent to participate in future studies and permit outcomes assessment and for that we are grateful for their understanding and cooperation.

This cohort is the fruit of a collegial effort from 3 faculties at AUB: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, and Faculty of Arts and Sciences. None of this would have been possible without a climate filled with optimism, mutual respect, collaboration and commitment. We are greatly in debt to the students who volunteered to achieve this and wish to acknowledge their relentless work along with Dr. Bilal Kaafarani who helped channel these volunteers to us. Many Research Assistants participated in this and we hope will continue to be involved to see the outcomes of their labors. Last, but not least, the support of Dean Nahla Hwalla (FAFS), Prof. Kamal Badr (VMP Director), Dean Mohammad Sayegh (FM), and Associate Dean of Clinical Research Prof. Samia Khoury were pivotal in making this a reality. ​

​Investigators ​​

FAFS: Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
FAS: Faculty of Arts and Sciences
FM: Faculty of Medicine