Neuro/Mental Health – Cardiovascular Disease Group


The Neuro/Mental Health – Vascular Group was created in November 2018 by its core members and focuses on studying the heart-brain connection in both clinical and population-based settings.

 Research Focus 

The group’s research centers on studying the relationship of subclinical and clinical vascular markers and conditions with brain and mental health. 

Ongoing projects

  • Integrating cardiac measurements and risk scores to improve stroke profiling and prediction;
  • Studying the relationships of subclinical cardiovascular markers and risk factors with mental health in the Lebanese population; 
  • Examining cardiovascular, socioeconomic, and sleep-related predictors of vascular dementia risk; 
  • Incorporating imaging and artificial intelligence computations to better characterize heart and brain disorders and their interplay. 


  • Martine Elbejjani, PhD
  • Achraf Makki, MD
  • Hussain Isma’eel, MD
  • Wael Shamseddeen, MD