Patient First Visit

  • ​​​​On arrival, you will check in, and then undergo a brief walk test and review of your medications and medical history with our specialized ILD nurse.
  • You will meet with your ILD doctor, who will review your records, take your history, perform a physical exam and discuss your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • You will meet again with the ILD nurse who will review the management plan, assist with any necessary scheduling, provide additional education about your diagnosis and specific recommendations from your doctor and answer any questions you may have .
  • You will meet with a member of our ILD research team, who will talk to you about potential research studies  for which you may be eligible .
  • Your case will be reviewed  at the ILD Multidisciplinary Conference by the entire  Hamdi El Zaim ILD team (Pulmonologists, ILD radiologist and ILD pathologist). Based on all data and conference discussion, your final diagnosis will be determined.

The ILD doctors will provide recommendations directly to your referring doctor who will continue to be your primary treating doctor. We will speak with your referring doctor within a few days of your visit. We will also call you to discuss your diagnosis. A detailed consultation letter will be mailed to you and to your doctor within one to two weeks of your appointment.


​Day of Visit

On the day of your appointment, you will need to bring with you:

  • All medical records pertinent to your history, including CT scan and lab tests.
  • The actual CT scan or CD, if available.
  • List of ILD-related medications you are currently taking or have been taking.
  • AUBMC blue identification card.​