Multiple-Year Planning

​The university's Operating and Capital Budgets represent the financial expression of academic and strategic objectives which have been approved by the Board of Trustees.  These are carefully developed and organized over a period of several months.  In so doing, a long-range view of monetary needs is required.

Every year in June, the university administration presents to the Board of Trustees a Draft Operating Budget along with a scenario for operations for the coming five years. At the same meeting a Capital Budget with a three-year time horizon is also approved.  This is done to ensure the longer-term viability of our programs and to alert senior administration to any future trends to which we might need to pay closer attention.

Strategic Planning

In 2005 AUB embarked on a new strategic planning process that will require the work of scores of people to arrive at individual plans for specific faculties, schools and support units.  During this process, the strategic plans must be translated into financial requirements that can be expressed in dollar terms to be incorporated into approved university budgets.  Should you be in need of assistance in quantifying the financial needs of your strategic plan, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance in this endeavor.​