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Certification and Recertification of New GE Courses

​​​​​​To submit a course in the General Education (GE) category, the instructor or department chairperson must provide us with a detailed syllabus and a completed GE form​​. The GE form addresses the learning outcomes of a specific GE area. 

An approved GE course given a one-year certification followed by a three-year recertification. The evaluators will examine for recertification the course portfolio that may include sample students' assignments, presentations, projects, etc. 

In designating a course as General Education, the reviewers take into consideration the following criteria:  

  • The course must address the critical thinking and ethical behavior related outcomes.
  • If a course addresses more than one GE area, an application form for each of the relevant field must be filled out.​
  • Multi-section courses: The sections of the same class should achieve the same learning outcomes. Therefore, an application for GE designation is required per session and not per section.
  • Existing GE courses do not require approval by the academic or curriculum committee. These courses need only to be validated by the GE Board for inclusion in the list of GE offerings for next semester.
  • The Faculty Curriculum Committee should approve new GE courses before applying to GE designation.
  • A faculty member is required to submit the course for GE designation. The department chairperson's approval is required; the mechanism is left internal to the department.
  • The list of GE courses will be updated regularly (on Banner).
  • A separate submission for GE approval required for each special topics course such as CVSP 208 courses A, B, C, D, E, etc…. that is CVSP 208A, separate from CVSP 208B, different from CVSP 208C, etc.
  • A specialized course that meets GE Learning Outcomes could be designated as GE if it has no pre-requisite course.​​

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