General Education Requirements

​​​All AUB students must take a minimum of 33-36 credits from the list of approved GE courses distributed as follows:​

Requirements Details​
​Arabic Communication Skills​
​One Arabic course unless exempted​ from Arabic. If exempted, check the Faculty-Specific Requirements page​
​English Communication Skills
​​​See English Communication Skills web​page​ ​​ ​

     ​Humanities I

​Two Humanities courses from Humanities List I.​
​     Humanities II 
​Two Humanities courses from either Humanities lists I and II.
​No more than two courses from the student’s major may fulfill the Humanities requirement.

FAS students are required to select two CVSP courses, one from Sequence I* followed by one from Sequence II**.
​Social Sciences

     ​Social Sciences I

One Social Sciences course from Social Sciences List I.
     Social Sciences II
​One Social Sciences course from either Social Sciences lists I and II.

​No more than one course from the student’s major may fulfill the Social Science requirement.
​Natural Sciences
​Two Natural Sciences courses.
​No more than one class from the student’s major may meet t​he Natural Sciences requirement.

Kindly note that FAS students cannot count academic credit for the following courses: NFSC 220, AVSC 279, and AVSC 280, and will, therefore, need to take another Natural Science course to meet the GE requirements.
​Quantitative Thought
​One Quantitative Thought course.
Writing in the Discipline
​One Writing in the Discipline course offered in the major.

​* Sequence I courses: CVSP 201, CVSP 202, CVSP 205, CVSP 207.

** Sequence II courses: CVSP 203, CVSP 204, CVSP 206, CVSP 208.

To search for current GE courses per semester, click​ here​.