General Education Program
  • Welcome to the General Education Program


    ​The American University of Beirut is committed to providing its undergraduate students with a rigorous curriculum in a liberal education model. AUB students are exposed to both an in-depth learning experience in their chosen field of specialization as well as a breadth of knowledge in an array of intellectual experiences (Critical thinking, Problem solving, Social and Communication skills…). The General Education Program is an essential part of the curriculum which provides all AUB undergraduate students with fundamental skills and knowledge that should nurture their intellectual growth and guide them to become knowledgeable and well-informed graduates. 

    The General Education Program achieves the above aims through an assortment of courses which are meant to contribute to the students' abilities to succeed in their chosen fields of study. In addition to courses in their academic majors and the opportunity to take minor concentrations in specific fields, all AUB undergraduate students are expected to complete a minimum of 33-36 credits of general education requirements distributed among Communication Skills, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Quantitative Thought.​