Writing in the Discipline Courses

​​​​All undergraduate students are required to take a 3-credit Writing in the Discipline (WID) course, which is normally offered in the major. Click here to see the list of approved Writing in the Discipline Courses.

To review the guidelines for creating a WID course, click here​ or contact the Writing in the Disciplines Program at writingcenter@aub.edu.lb.

The WID Program has two main responsibilities:
  1. To certify and assess all WID courses 
  2. To help AUB faculty better teach writing and use writing in their classes to enhance student learning
​To do this, the WID Program staff offer one-on-one consultations and university-wide workshops with faculty to discuss assignments, prompts, grading criteria, and course material for any class. Refer to the WID Program website​​ or send an email to writingcenter@aub.edu.lb​ for more information about the WID Program or to schedule a consultation to discuss any or all of the following:

  • Help students write better
  • Use writing activities to help students learn course content
  • Craft meaningful writing assignments
  • Spend less time assessing and giving feedback on writing
  • Locate resources on teaching writing in your discipline
  • Ask other questions related to teaching writing