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​​For decades, the Global South has been an epicenter for health challenges. Despite this, the level of input from Global South-based institutions into global health dialogues and solutions has not been commensurate with the proportion of challenges emanating from that part of the world. This underscores the necessity to foster “local" global health leaders and contextualize relevant knowledge and tools that can effectively respond to these eminent challenges.

In 2016, AUB's newly inaugurated president, Dr. Fadlo R. Khuri, outlined a new vision for Health, HEALTH 2025. The vision's strategic aim is to better serve the population and clinical health needs of the peoples of Lebanon, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and the Global South. An integral component of HEALTH 2025 is the establishment of a Global Health Institute (GHI).

After months of dedicated groundwork, AUB's Global Health Institute was formally established on July 19, 2017. With this, GHI became the first such institute in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), and among the very few in the Global South. Strategically based in the MENA. GHI aims to address emerging challenges and to positively impact the health and lives of people in the region and the Global South.

Since its establishment, GHI has launched three interdisciplinary programs that reflect global health challenges impacting the region, as well as others in the Global South and beyond. The programs are directed by faculty members from different health units across AUB, and comprise of: the Conflict Medicine Program (CMP), the Refugee Health Program (RHP), and the Nutrition, Obesity, and Related Disease Program (NORD).

Although relatively new, the programs have claimed an important role in the global health arena through their wide range of activities, which cover applied research projects, capacity-building, and outreach initiatives. They have also formed strategic partnerships with local and international stakeholders in health aspiring to strengthen South-North collaborations among organizations and academic institutions.

Furthermore, GHI is preparing to launch the GHI Academy, its capacity-building arm that is dedicated to supporting the needs of individuals and communities. This will achieved by honing competencies in global health, through innovative delivery of knowledge, training, and professional development.

Through its programs, collaborations, and Academy, GHI is committed to nurturing talent, promoting evidence-based and sustainable interventions, and acting as an incubator for investigating state-of-the-art solutions for global health challenges. In addition, by strengthening the South-North dialogue, GHI seeks to play a key role in advancing the global health agenda.

Finally, I would like to invite you to read through the GHI pages to learn more about our projects and activities, and look forward to your support and engagement.​

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