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​​​Placement in English Preparatory Courses for Graduate Students


To ensure that all graduate students at AUB have the opportunity for success in their chosen programs, the university has instituted an English language requirement (Readiness for University Studies in English, RUSE).

Graduate students who present RUSE scores below the satisfactory minimum score may be required by their programs, school or faculty to take preparatory English courses. Pro-green diploma students are not eligible for placement in preparatory courses. ​


Due to COVID-19 and the unavailability of some tests, applicants who are unable to take tests in person will be able to provide two new methods for meeting RUSE:

​Placement Criteria

Placement of graduate students in preparatory English courses is done based on scores from one of the following tests: AUB-EN (formerly AUB EEE), TOEFL, and ​IELTS (Academic).

Please note that GRE (verbal) and GMAT (verbal) scores cannot be used for the purpose of placement in preparatory English courses.

The table below shows how students are placed based on their scores. For additional placement options that are available in the summer, see below the section on the Summer Preparatory English Program.


COVID-19 Alternate Exams
Preparatory English Course AUB-EN or AUB EEE

(English Entrance Exam)
English Test (DET)

Home Edition
English 30032-39500-529573-58288-966.0110-115
Intensive English 100A/100B 
(If faculty approves)

*All exam scores must be valid; details on validity of test scores can be found here.

** TOEFL PBT is the paper based test; TOEFL IBT is the interned based test.

Note: Placement in Intensive English 100A or 100B is subject to faculty approval. For further information, please check with your faculty graduate student officer.

 Further requirements

  • Students who are placed in English 300 must complete the course within the first two regular terms (fall/spring) of their enrollment.
  • Students who are placed in Intensive English 100A or 100B are expected to take English 300 immediately following the completion of that sequence.
  • Students who have not enrolled in English 300 after their first semester at AUB (including those who were taking ENGL 100A or ENGL 100B during their first semester), will have a registration hold on their record and will have to register via an email from their faculty to the Graduate Council until they take English 300.

Summer Preparatory English Program

For students who are required to take ENGL 100A or ENGL 100B, the Summer Preparatory English Program presents  one of two alternative options for fulfilling the English language requirement: UPGR 001A or UPGR 001B. For more information, refer to the Graduate Program page of the University​ Preparatory Program (UPP) web site.


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