Graduate Research, Thesis, and Publishing Series
  • Since the academic year 2014-15, the Graduate Council has been coordinating a series on research, thesis, and publishing in collaboration with the University Libraries and the Writing Center.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The series consists of a core element and a discipline-specific element. Core topics are essential and apply to students of all disciplines. 

    Core topics are covered in the following five workshops:

    • ​Introduction to thesis and graduate research (fall)
    • Thesis proposal (fall)
    • Thesis writing (spring)
    • Publishing from thesis work (spring)
    • Design and delivery of research presentations (spring)

    These workshops consist of presentations, interactive audience participation, hands-on-activities, and opportunities for engagement and discussions. The main presenters are experts from the Writing Center and the University Libraries; additional presentations are given by the Graduate Council​, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), and other relevant contributors.

    The discipline-specific element of the series consists of two panels:
    • Writing Your Humanities/Social Sciences Thesis: Advice from a panel of AUB professors (fall)
    • ​Writing Your STEM Thesis: Advice from a panel of AUB professors (spring)

    AUB professors  give students an overview of key thesis content and the specifics of writing a thesis in their discipline as well as helpful advice regarding the dissertation writing process.​

 Researching and Writing

  • ​​Expectations of writing and research at the graduate level
  • Helpful tools and resources available at AUB
  • How to prepare yourself to write and research in graduate school

 Literature Review and Proposal

  • ​​How to write a proposal
  • Ethical research and writing
  • Writing and researching the literature review section
  • ​Thesis committee and proposal

 Writing the Thesis

  • ​Thesis structure
  • Breaking down the work into manageable parts
  • Thesis writing and research process
  • Thesis manual and submission

 Getting Published

  • ​​​Thesis vs. article
  • Co​nverting your thesis into a publishable article
  • Knowing your rights as an author
  • Choosing the right journal

 Research Presentations

  • ​​​​Crafting message-focused presentations
  • Basics of good public speaking
  • Planning a presentation about your research work

 Discipline-Specific Panels

  • Advice from a panel of five AUB professors in the humanities/social sciences or STEM disciplines
  • Distinctives elements of a thesis in the h​umanities/social sciences or STEM disciplines
  • Overview of thesis structure
  • How to approach the individual sections
  • What readers look for