Proposals for New Graduate Programs

​​​​​​​Submission of a Notice of Intent to
 Propose a New Graduate Program

    • Before any new graduate program is proposed, please submit a 2-page Notice of Intent to the Dean.
    • The Dean, after approving the Notice of Intent, informs the chair of the FGS about it and submits the Notice of Intent to the provost with a cc to the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies.
    • The Provost scrutinizes the justification, decides to accept or reject it, and informs the Dean of the decision and copies the Chairperson of the BGS.
    • The Dean communicates the decision to the department chair. If approval is granted then the Department initiates the development of a full-fledged proposal and takes it through the regular process of developing and submitting proposals.
G​uidelines for Preparing Proposals:

Sample Proposals for: