Book Swapping Event

​The Graduate Student Society at AUB, in collaboration with the University Libraries held its Book Swapping Event.​

Time and place: West Hall Plaza, 2nd floor, AUB, on Monday April 28, at 7 p.m.

The idea is simple: Bring a book, take a book!

The guests, students (graduate and undergraduate) and professors, brought a special book, and wrote on it why it's so special. They got tags with the name of their books, and placed it on a stand. Another guest who liked this book looked for its owner, got to know him/her better and shared books and experiences. This serves the mission of GSS, which is enhancing communication and interaction among graduate students.

The evening featured a live music performance, a live poi juggling show by Beirut Jugglers, and a "lunch for two" Tombola prize was offered. 

The two hour program started at 5:00 PM. It consisted of 40 minutes of presentations; this included words of welcome by Dean Talal Nizameddin and Dr. Rabih Talhouk (Chairperson of Graduate Council) followed by informative presentations by Graduate Council, the Office of International Programs (OIP), AUB Libraries, the Writing Center (WrC), Graduate Student Society (GSS), and Graduate Student Life Team in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (GSLT-AHSS). The talks were followed by a time for Q&A and sign-up time between the students and the organizations represented.
The second half of the program consisted of a food/beverage reception where the presenters and students further conversed and networked.