Graduate Council (GC) coordinated the Fall 2015-16 New Graduate Student Orientation Program

​Graduate Council (GC) coordinated the Fall 2015-16 New Graduate Student Orientation Program; the evening program consisted of presentations and a reception to help new graduate students get acquainted with graduate and academic life at AUB.

The event continued to reflect the evolution of graduate affairs since GC's inception as it featured student organizations and AUB units with whom it has collaborated to improve graduate life and academics. The program included a new presentation to introduce new graduate students to student representation via USFC and SRC.

The graduate orientation program was held at Bathish Auditorium in West Hall. It was the most well-attended program of its kind; with 207 attendants, the auditorium was full.
The 40 minute presentation program included a word of welcome by Dean Talal Nizameddin followed by informative presentations by Graduate Council, the Office of International Programs (OIP), AUB Libraries, the Writing Center (WrC), Graduate Student Society (GSS) and graduate SRC representative Tarek Nasser. The talks were followed by an opportunity to meet the presenters and learn more about the activities and services offered.

The second half of the program consisted of a food & beverage reception where the presenters and students further conversed and networked. The program was found to be a helpful and friendly welcome to AUB's graduate community​