​​For urgent repairs: water leakage, broken glass, electrical faults, etc.:

Contact the Physical Plant Department at extensions 2015/6 or by paging number 900 after office hours (refer to the AUB telephone directory for instructions).
Replacement of 110V incandescent light bulbs are available from the physical plant maintenance stores during opening hours (the entrance to the stores is on the west side of the Corporation Yard Building - up three steps). In case assistance is required to change bulbs in an AUB supplied fixture, see below.
For all other services contact the Housing Department at extensions 2120/1 during office hours.
In case of an emergency, the University shall have the right to enter any residence without prior notice in order to carry out repairs deemed necessary to prevent damage to the fabric of the building or the safety of its occupants. All such works shall be appropriately supervised and documented in writing by the University in accordance with physical plant service request procedure.s