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Retirement Program for U.S. Citizen and Resident Alien Employees of the American University of Beirut

Transferring your TIAA-CREF balance to your Retirement Program for U.S. Citizen and Resident Alien Employees of the American University of Beirut (the “Plan”) account with Vanguard takes just a few steps. Depending on the type of assets you would like to transfer and your current employment status, you will have to complete one or two applicable forms. ​​​

What forms do I need?​​​

Refer to the following chart to determine which forms to complete. If you want to transfer more than one account, you will need to complete all applicable forms. Check your TIAA-CREF statement or contact TIAA-CREF to confirm your account type and number.

​Form to Complete
​CREF Assets
​Vanguard’s AUB Asset Transfer Authorization Form
​TIAA Real Estate Fund
​Vanguard’s AUB Asset Transfer Authorization Form​


How do I request a form?​​


​Campus HR, ext. 2313
​New York
​Call 212-583-7860


How do I complete Vanguard’s AUB Asset Transfer Authorization Form?​​

Print the form and complete it in blue or black ink.

Be sure to complete the appropriate fields for your request. Most notably:

  • Complete Section 2 with your CREF information. (You can find your CREF number on your most recent TIAA-CREF statement in the “Account Values” section. Your CREF number is the sequence of letters and numbers after the word “CREF.”)
  • Choose your investments in Section 3 of the form.

Fax the completed form to Vanguard at 484-582-2929


If you have questions, call Vanguard Participant Services at 
Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time (within the United States)

You can also call Vanguard collect at 

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