President's Service Excellence Awards

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -- Aristotle​

The President Service Excellence Awards, which were first presented to four employees in the year 2000, are meant to credit and acknowledge the awardees for their achievement and to serve as an encouragement for others. The President's Service Excellence Award is given to AUB staff members who have shown continuous outstanding performance over a long period of time and have gone beyond the call of duty in helping students, patients, and fellow employees. Since the year 2000, four to six employees have been selected every year from among a number of nominees and have been presented the award in a ceremony to which faculty, students and staff are invited to recognize and congratulate them. 

​​Criteria and Description​​

Award Description

  • A medal with the awardees' name engraved.
  • A plaque with the awardees' name engraved and located on the western wall of College Hall breezeway.
  • Recognition of the awardees' achievements in a ceremony publicized on the AUB web and publications.
  • Cash prize amounting to $2000 per awardee. 

Award Criteria

  • "Customer" satisfaction over a significant period of time (>=3 years).
  • "Customer" satisfaction over different aspects of the job.
  • "Customer" support beyond the call of duty.
  • Number of official nominations received should be three and above.
  • Creativity leading to increased "Customer" satisfaction ( e.g. process improvement).
  • Explicit and Specific positive feedback from "Customers" 

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Archive by Year

Alphabetical List of Awardees

List of A​wardees ​

​​Below is an alphabetical list of all the employees who have recieved the AUB President's Service Excellence Award.

​Position/ Department
​Abboud, Shehadeh​
​Director of the Extension Program and Assistant to VP REP
​Abdel-Rahman, Rhayim
​Registered nurse at Emergency Department
​Abdul-Nabi, Kasim
​Orderly at Nursing Services
​Abi Shakra, Rabab
​Executive Assistant in the Faculty of Engineering & Architecture Dean's Office
​Abilamma, Lili Haydar
​Nurse Manager, PICU
​Abou Rjeily, Josephene
​Head Nurse at the Cardiac Surgery Unit
​Abu-Assi, Jumana Radwan​
​Secretary in Nursing Administration
​Ahmad, Sleiman Ali
​Protection Office
Aoun, Nada
​Staff Nurse at AUBMC
​Akel, Samir
​Technician at Anesthesia Department
Arslanian, Esther​
Registered nurse​​​2004
​Al-Assaad, Sadik
​Associated Director of Development
​Al-Asmar, Marwan
​Surgical Nurse Technician​
Attieh, Najib
​Graphic Design Manager at Office of Communications
​Ayvazian, Nellie
​Registered Nurse at Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
​Ayyash, Mahmoud
​Oculist at Ophthalmology Department
​Azar, Iskandar
​Head janitor at Physical Plant
Bawadi, Hisham
​Assistant Project Director, Hospital Information System (AUMBC)
​Deeb, Zakiyeh

​Secretary at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Doudakian, Rita
​Community Health Nurse in University Health Services​
Eid, Fayek
Motor Pool Supervisor​2015
​El-Iskandarani, Bilal
​Senior Fire Protection Engineer
​El-Kassis, Amal
​Student Services Officer
Faour, Nizar
​NSSF Supervisor, Benefits at Coordinator Office​
​Fares, Jiryis
​IT Office Assistant at the Office of the CIO
​Farha, Aida​
​Medical Information Commons Coordinator
Farhat, Hassan
​Practical Nurse
​Feghali, Kamal
​Plant Engineer​
Gulgulian, Taline
​Registered Nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
​Haddad, Nicolas
​AREC Farm and Facilities Manager
Hajjar Gharuzzedine, Marlene
​Nurse Shift Administrator
​​Hajj-Hasan, Mohammad
Radiographer III2010
​Hajj Omar, Jihad
​Security Guard, Protection Office
​​Hamad, Maha
​Student Finance Manager,Comptroller's Office
Hamam, Mustapha (Mike)
​System Analyst at Department of Computer Science
Hamati, Ghada Hamdar​
​Registered Nurse IV, Operating Rooms
​Itani, Lina
​Medical Technician at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Joujou, Mohamad Khaled
​Electrical Laboratories Engineer
Jabbour, Rudolph
Executive Office at FAS Dean’s Office​​2004
Jamaleddine, Rawad​
​Patient Safety Officer, Quality, Accreditation & Risk Management Program​

​Jubran, Marlene
​Assistant to the Medical Director
​Kanaan, Namir
Plant Engineer​​2002
Kanaan, Sana
​Nurse Manager, CCU, (AUBMC)

Kassab, Maher

​​IT Manager, IT Academic Core Processes and Systems
Katergi, Souad
​Lab Reception Supervisor at the Department of Pathology
Katul, Mona
​Executive Office at FHS Dean’s Office
Khalil, Kassem​
​Office Messenger at the Faculty of Medicine
Khalili, Zouheir
​Clinical Biomedical Engineer at the Medical Engineering Department
Khansa, Wafa
​Social Services Manager
El-Khatib, Helmi​
​Manager of Civil and Environmental Engineering laboratories
​Khoury, Wafa
​Executive Office at FAFS Dean’s Office
Kiwan, Suha​
​Secretary at the Dietary Department
Koussayer, Reine
​Floor clerk, Emergency department
Kustantine, Rafik
​Mechanical Foreman at Power Plant
​Kuwatly, Iman
​Nurse coordinator at medical center
Maalouf, Fouad
Manok, Joe
​Assistant Director for Development Services at the Office of Development
Mansour, Nabil
Executive Office / HR Specialist​2012​
​Masri, Wafa
​Endoscopy Technician
​​Matthews, Henry​
​Translator, Editor, Office of Communications
​Mattar, Zeinab
​Nurse Aid at Nursing Office
​Mikati, Samar
Archives and Special Collections Librarian​​2014
Moufarrej, Nadia
​Career Center Manager
Murtada, Rula
​EMBA Officer
Bechara, Huda Nakad
​Assistant to the Registrar for Computer Affairs
​Nassar, Chadi
​Electro-mechanical engineer at Physical Plant
Nassif, Joseph
​Supervisor of the Engineering shops
​Nazzal, Suleiman
Orderly in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU)​​2003
Oueida, Salma Dannawi​
​Major Gifts Office at Office of Development
​​Rashid, Walid
​Nurse Leader for Clinical Affairs

​Rayes, Asaad​
​Business Applications Manager
Safah, Nibal​
​GME Program Coordinator at the Residents Psychiatry Department - AUBMC
​Salam, Sirene
​Secretary at the Department of Architecture and Design
Sarkis, Ilias
​Foreman Movables at medical center
Sayyah, Khaled
​Staff Nurse in Operation Rooms (OR)

​Shamoun, Anthony
​Chief Clinical Nurse Specialist and Neuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist
​Shamseddine, Alhan
​Administrative Officer of the Epilepsy Program at the Department of Epilepsy
​Shehabeddine, Nabila
​Head of Jafet Library Reference & Instruction Services, (AUB)
​Shihab, Asma

​Administrative Assistant at the Epidemiology and Population Health Department in the Faculty of Health Sciences
​Shoujaa, Najwa
​Nurse Manager
​Siblini, Kassem
​Equipment Maintenance Supervisor

Sleiman Azar, Issam​​
​Administrative Assistant
Taleb, Bahia
Nurse Manager at the Central Sterile Department​2005​
Touma, Michel​
​Senior Technician, Pharmacology Department
Wakim, Joe Max
​Assistant Director of CNS, Medical Center
Yaralian, Rosine
Nursing Supervisor
Yassine, Ahmad​
​Activities assistant at the Office of Student Affairs
​Zabad, Samer
​Biomedical engineer at medical center