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Highlights On The Personnel Regulations For Academic And Non-Academic Personnel

​​​​​​Correspondence wit​​h Ac​​ade​​mic Personnel​​

Copies of all correspondence to individuals in which offers or commitments are made by the University, and copies of all letters sent by the individuals to the University concerning offers made to them, must be sent to the Human Resources Department (Campus). All final offers including, the contract, must be processed through the Human Resources Department (Campus) after the appropriate documents have been signed and approved by the authorized University officials. Letter of Appointment should be signed by candidates prior to the starting date.​

Part-Time​ A​cademic Contracts

The following policy will ​​hold for part-time academic personnel:

  • Part-time appointees will be engaged on fixed-term contracts not to exceed 9 months in one year. The Part-Time Academic Appointment should be for a maximum of no more than 50% of a full-time appointment, without eligibility to join the Health Insurance Plan, but including University Health Service for the appointee only.
  • Certain part-time personnel, by mutual agreement, may receive appointments in the University without remuneration.​

​​​Part-Time and Full-Time Personnel

Before transferring a person from full-time to part-time or from part-time to full-time, his services must be terminated. After a lapse of not less than 30 days for academic personnel and not less than 3 months for non-academic personnel, such a person may be reengaged by the University in accordance with a new agreement. 

Transferring from Academic to Non-Academic Appointment

Before transferring a person from an academic to a non-academic appointment or from a non-academic to an academic appointment, his/her services must be terminated for a minimum period of 30 days before reappointment.

Benefits and Allowances

The contract must include all the Benefits and Allowances which the appointee is to receive. 

Appointment Travel and Baggage Allowances​

  • Appointment travel and baggage allowances will be granted to all faculty recruits hired outside Lebanon from place of recruitment, irrespective of their "Home". However, "Home Leave Travel and Terminal Travel" are restricted to the designated "Home", if eligible and as defined in the policy on Benefits and Allowances for Academic Personnel.

  • ​Appointment travel and baggage allowances may be provided for the appointee and for the appointee spouse and each eligible child if they travel with the appointee or follow within three months to reside with him/her in Beirut. The appointee's spouse or child who is on visit to Beirut is not eligible to receive travel and baggage allowance.


Interpretation of Benefits and Allowances

Interpretation regarding Benefits and Allowances must be communicated only by the Human Resources Department (Campus).

Staff Education​

Regular Full-Time academic and non-academic personnel will be allowed to take, subject to the approval of the Department concerned, a maximum of 6 clock hours (not credit hours) per week during the academic year (October to June) of which not more than 3 clock hours can be during the regular office hours. Such an employee will be required to work equal amount of time outside the regular working hour and the mid-day rest period. During the summer session such employees will be allowed a maximum 5 clock hours (not credit hours) per week provided these hours fall outside regular office hours and the mid-day rest period. 

Annual Leave for AUB Personnel​

  • Academic Employees on 11-month contracts are entitled to thirty (30) calendar days (22 working days) per contract year, whereas employees on 9-month contracts will get 3 months per contract year. The annual leave for academic employees must be taken within the contractual year. Exceptionally, the Dean may approve a deferral of the annual leave not later than December 31, of the following academic year for Faculty members on 11-month contracts.

  • ​​Non-Academic Employees who are non-Lebanese and who are appointed outside Lebanon are normally entitled to thirty (30) calendar days (22 working days) per contract year. For all other non-academic employees - the number of days (working days) is specified in the Collective Agreement between the University and the Syndicate, and is related to the length of service of the employee with the University.
    • The annual leave for non-academic employees should start after at least one year of service and be taken prior to December 31, of the year after such year of service.

​​Work without Authorization

The University will not pay for any work, including temporary appointment, done by any individual in any department or section, without securing in advance, the necessary authorization and making the final arrangements for the engagement of the individual with the Human Resources Department (Campus). 

Attendance of Non​​-Academic Personnel

Employees who come to work late, or whose attendance is irregular, or who absent themselves without excuse will be sent the necessary warnings from the Human Resources Department (Campus). 

Excuses for Sickness

No sick excuses will be given by the Infirmary without an examination. Sick leave absences whether one or more days should be supported by a medical report from the University Health Services. 

Birth Date

The University will only recognize the birth date in the records of the Human Resources Department (Campus) taken from the application and from the official documents submitted at the time of employment. Any changes made later in the age of the individual will not be considered.​

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