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​Suzanne R. Dhaini, PhD, RN
RATIONAL: In the midst of scare resources & pressing job demands, nurses find it impossible to fulfill all nursing care requirements & may decide to abbreviate. Recent studies show an association between implicit rationing of nursing care, i.e., nursing care that is either partially or fully omitted due to a lack of resources, & negative patient & nurse outcomes. Dr. Dhaini will investigate the variations & trends of rationing of nursing care on a shift-level basis over time in hospitals. This study will contribute to the development of a comprehensive understanding of the variations, trends, predictors of rationing of care on a shift-level basis. (supported by MPP).
PROFILE: The Syrian war is one of the worst & most dynamic humanitarian crises of our time. The sudden influx of Syrians has posed a large strain on the healthcare system in Jordan & Lebanon. While most recent studies mainly focused on Syrians & host community patients & healthcare industry, none so far has examined its impact on nurses resilience, whose health, well-being, & quality of services can be equally affected. The study will explore nurses` resilience, physical & emotional health, and self-perceived quality of patient care. Findings will help in detecting wasted capacities and resources of both public and private sectors, thus allowing a better allocation. (Funding pending). 

Nuhad Yazbik Dumit, RN, MA, PhD
With the great advancement of science, accessibility of health information, increase in disease complexity, and the dynamic nature of knowledge, nurses have to realize that continuing education is inevitable. Nurses are challenged to update their knowledge and skills to provide safe evidence-based nursing care to patients. In several countries as in Lebanon, the demonstration of continuing professional education is mandatory and is requested by regulatory bodies. 
Based on this, a national survey to assess the basic and continuing education needs of nurses in Lebanon was conducted as an integral part of a longitudinal national program to improve the capacities of nurses at the point of service and to ensure that nurses’ learning needs are met. Then a national capacity building program in nursing was designed based on the study findings in cooperation with the Order of Nurses in Lebanon, in collaboration with the Syndicate of private hospitals and under the patronage of the Minister of Public Health. This intervention which is divided into 2 major phases will take 3 years  after which another study to assess impact of the program on improving patient care will be assessed. Phase one will be completed by end of summer then phase 2 will start early fall of 2018 for 2 years; then the follow-up study will be done.

Gladys Honein-AbouHaidar, PhD, MPH, RN
My research and scholarship focus on health system improvement with a special focus on community health. I work closely with multidisciplinary teams and community stakeholders to examine gaps in policies and required strate​gies for a high performing community health system. Given the refugee crisis, I am also employing my mixed methodology skills to generate critical knowledge to inform policy change. Drawing on my extensive expertise in health services research in colorectal cancer screening, I am also involved in studies evaluating awareness and attitudes towards screening in Lebanon. 

Lina Kantar, EdD, RN
Dr. Kantar’s research studies have emanated from the advent use of the preceptorship model in health professional education. The studies aim at understanding the nature of clinical teaching rendered by preceptors to undergraduate nursing students, and at exploring the pedagogical principles and educational processes that preceptors employ to impact student learning. 
Results emerging from the studies will significantly contribute to the advancement of nursing education through an improved education system that incorporates new concepts and insights into the clinical teaching of nursing students. 
The emergent concepts will set the framework of the preceptor pedagogy, and the nature of professional development initiatives that emphasize best teaching practices in clinical settings. 

Lina Younan, DNP, MSN, RN
Several studies tested the effect of nursing work organization on patient outcomes and nursing job satisfaction; yet, few have looked at its effect on nurses’ wellbeing. Dr. Younan is exploring how nursing work is organized in Lebanese hospitals and its effects on nurse fatigue and musculoskeletal injury. Findings will help nurse administrators and policy makers explore organizational interventions that may improve the quality of nursing practice and the health of nurses. 

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