Registered Nurse-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN)

​The RN-BSN program is open to applicants who hold a BT, TS, LT or a diploma in nursing (RN). 
The program combines elements of liberal arts education with professional nursing education in both academic and clinical settings. Courses are offered by the faculty of the School of Nursing and other faculties of the University, while clinical experience is provided in hospitals and community settings in cooperation with various health care agencies. Upon satisfactory completion of the program requirements, the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing is awarded. 

The BSN, RN-BSN, BS-BSN and MSN programs are registered and accredited by the Department of Education of New York State, HEGIS code 1203.00. As of 13th of October 2007, the School of Nursing BSN and MSN programs were granted the accreditation by the Board of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) in the USA. The BSN and MSN Programs at AUB are the first CCNE accredited nursing programs outside the US territories.

Admission Requirements

Students applying as undergraduates for the RN-BSN program should submit the items listed below by the appropriate deadline. 
Application Forms: available online at the following link:
Application fee of $50 (LL75,000), or the equivalent in other currencies. The fee is non-refundable.
Official grades: official grades of the prior degree (BT, TS, LT or a diploma in nursing) 
Photocopy of applicant’s identity card or passport and one recent passport size color photo. 
English Language Proficiency requirement (ELPR) by passing any of the following tests:

​TOFEL (computer based)​230
​TOFEL (paper and pencil)​573
​TOFEL (internet based)​88

EEE test:  you can check the test dates at the following link:

RN-BSN program and length of study

According to the decree no. 855 dated 01/07/2015, issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, holders of the technical baccalaureate (BT) are eligible for admission to similar fields as that of BT. In this case, holders of BT nursing may apply to any health-related major. Those applying to the BSN program should complete the following remedial/pre-requisite freshman level courses prior to the BSN II year:
3 credits in Mathematics (MATH 101 or 102)
3 credits in Chemistry (CHEM-101)
3 credits in Biology (BIOL-101)
3 credits in Physics (PHYS-101, 103 or 200) 
In addition to the remedial courses: students should complete 90 credit hours over a period of two academic years and 1 semester.