​​​​​​​​​Our Mission:

Our mission is to spearhead nursing research in Lebanon and the region; to facilitate research collaborations among faculty, students, and practicing nurses; to maximize nursing and multidisciplinary research; and ensure evidence-based nursing practice. 

Our Vision:

The Hariri School of Nursing aims to lead and advance nursing research and evidence-based practice in Lebanon, the region, and beyond and to foster an environment where premier, cutting-edge research is conducted, contributing to the advancement of Nursing Science. 

  • Our faculty engage in scientific inquiry that generates knowledge to inform disease prevention, health maintenance and health promotion practices.
  • HSON has the highest number of PhD holder faculty in Lebanon, highest number of research projects, and highest publication rate in Lebanon and one of the highest in the region.
  • HSON faculty have published in top tier refereed journals; are amongst the most productive and impactful nurse researchers in the Arab world.
  • HSON faculty strive to enhance discovery and innovation through inter-professional research.
  • The scope of nursing research encompasses clinical and transitional research, health systems and outcomes research, and nursing education research.​